Hi, im PiEoNaMoToBiKe,

I not the worst player but i'm not the best. I really try to shoot everything in site but that doesn't always work, I say doesn't always work I mean never works but i kill from time to time.PS NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE ME A SNIPER RIFLE EVER ok

favourite games:

  • infection
  • griff ball
  • all custom games

worst games:

  • swat
  • arena
  • vs frosty


  • killing frosty
  • splatter sprees
  • messing with bradman

main friends are:


best wepons:

  • dmr/br
  • energy sword
  • shotgun
  • rocket laucher
  • splasor
  • AR


  • do a barrel role
  • ama firing ma lasor blaaaagh
  • sweet JE-SUS
  • shut up bradman
  • get to tha chopper
  • racoons nature ninjas
  • xbox y u no work
  • aghh it frosty and shes got a sniper RUUUUUUUN
  • fifty points to griffendore(ps not a harry potter fan)


  • When people DATE via xbox or any other types of social network
  • spawn killing
  • first realising you suck at a games
  • grid
  • dragon priests
  • noooooobs
  • teabag
  • haters
  • my brother
  • lazyboy (massive prick nothing do with clan )
  • when i forget that my mics on mute
  • pre judging e.g hey your british have you had tea with the queen


  • killen zombiez
  • ray gun
  • dragon shouts
  • my girlfriend (if i had one forever alone:( )
  • getting all the power wepons

A Small Story About Me

i'm not known for much but this is why i sometimes hate the xbox: a while back before i joined this clan there used to be a simple time before frosty and brad were going out me, brad, lucky and some more british folk played halo for rank and fun, but something went terribly wrong and everything went down hill from there. a player called digital wave caused it. hell broke loose and friendship died. so i removed all of them. i was the only one not completely change into darkness. 3 months (mabey) went by and a friend request from brad i thought that mabey things have changed. well now appearently not.

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