Clan Schedule

The Clan will have a meeting every Saturday 8:00 Pm Eastern Time.

There we will talk about Clan Pictures, Clan Battles, New Members, and Any new Maps that should be made. Pus Speciel Events like Birthdays, Parties, Holidays, Basicly anything like that.

Day after our meeting we will be hold a 2v2 competion.

We will be making a machinima video with Bradman669 at 5:00 eastern time

please put your name down if you would like to help:

1. Vigilents 2. Lucky :P 3. Sayosiner (god) 4. LavishSpoon19 5. Atat(XxXoutrunXxX),

The Clan will be having a clan picture on Saturday at 5:00 Pm Eastern Time




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