We will now be allowing competions between clan members.

These will always be 2v2 battles between members of the 7 STARS.

This should happen at least once a month on a Sunday.

Sayosiner will make a leader board that will tell who will be facing who.

The maps used will be Count Down, Cage/Uncaged, and Reflextion.

If decided we may have extra Competions with the approval of everyone.

If you have a Shickabane Hime she will be your partner unless she is not able to show up.

The same will be with the Contracted Monk.

If you don't have a Shikabane Hime then your partner can be another monk.

The winner of the Competition will have the pleasure of taking every clan member to what he wants.

It an be a Forge game, Costume game, Matchmaking, what ever as long as its in Halo Reach.

Signed: Sayosiner


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